Members & Stunt Doubles

Lestah Polyestah consists of a core lineup of musicians, plus a cast of Stunt Doubles who make it all possible from gig to gig. Here’s a rundown of who you’ll see in this strange exhibit straight out of York’s Wild Kingdom:



Every funk band needs a leader: someone whose singing, presence and aura just makes the audience smile. Mittens, our beautiful lead vocalist, is a fan of winter, snowstorms and unprovoked snowball fights. When it comes to shushing down trails at Maine ski resorts – Mittens is shredding the black diamonds while the rest of us are holding our backs, complaining that “some punk snowboarder wiped me out on the bunny slopes”. Singing, dancing, rapping, and working the crowd rap are just part of the sugar and spice that Mittens brings to the Lestah Polyestah experience.


East Coast Cowboy

Ya know, they say that country music doesn’t exactly “play big” in these parts. They would be absolutely, totally right. But East Coast Cowboy doesn’t mind. He brings an unpredictable mix of CRUSHING IT every night on guitar, combined with a horse whip and dusty boots to augment his insane improvised solos. Audience members, Giddy Up: ECC is about to rock your world. (Ok, this joke was completely, shamelessly stolen from TJ, but I’m pretty sure he will be fine with it).


Double nickels

This guy used to play linebacker for the Santa Fe Sidewinders, where he gave quarterbacks a lifelong complex of number 55. He’s also notorious for winning the “your bet times 1 million” video poker jackpot at Foxwoods, while tragically only betting a nickel on that round. Double nickels brings funky bass lines and big low end to Lestah gigs – filling up the dance floor with people who are determined to relive spring break while yelling random comments about playing Def Leppid.  Buy him a beer; SURE. But if you could just go ahead and avoid mentioning anything about betting a nickel, that’d be greeeeeeaaaaaat. 



This character, our keyboard player, is resourceful, and definitely knows how to ‘operate a computer’.  If the tune calls for something subdued, he will chill and let it simmer… but if it calls for more, he will bring a virtual meltdown of the sound system with some crazy, goosebump inducing solo that sets the night on fire and doubles bar tabs. Helicoptah is down to earth, likes cuddling and talking about feelings, enjoys long walks on the beach, intimate conversations and ---- OOOOPS!!  -- wrong ad. 



This dude refuses to tweet or use hashtags. He’s trying to be all cutting edge by signing emails with his signature symbol, which looks like he hit the keyboard by accident. “Hey guys, see you Saturday at the gig.   -&,  or &AmersandRules#&$...” But when a guy lays down funky drum beats and funky intensity like that, he can pretty much call himself whatever he wants.   

Ponch and Larz.png

Ponch and Larz

Previous members of Bling Cherry, these two clueless dudes from the Netherlands continue their quest to make the world adopt their 1977 fashion choices. Ponch and Larz bring strangely overgrown hair, nifty slacks, vibraslap, and eight dollar Soccer Mom sunglasses to the Lestah Polyestah experience, in addition to wild, unpredictable horn parts. “Ponch, are they laughing with us or laughing AT us?”. Please don’t answer that. Just let think they are back in band camp, where, considering the dorkiness bell curve, they were seriously b#dass.


8 Track

If you see that crazed look before a gig as we scramble to get the sound system, mics and lights set up in time, stay the H#LL out of 8-track’s way. He brings years of experience to the table and knows how to deliver the complete sound experience. Band members used to think it was funny to mess with him – using a broken mic or mic chord to cause havoc during a gig – but have since learned that, if they value continuing to possess all of their appendages, this would be something to avoid. 


Stunt doubles

We’re proud to have an amazing lineup of stunt doubles that round out the Lestah Polyestah experience from gig to gig. Whether the scene calls for a real, live bullfight; driving a burning Chevy Nova off a cliff; or being a stand-in thug on Dog the Bounty Hunter™, the response of our stunt doubles is “Thank you, sir, may I please have another”. We’re proud to feature some incredibly talented musicians and friends in the extended lineup of Lestah Polyestah. One of our all time favorites is DJ Skooch – who is known to show up in the second or third set and absolutely KILL IT during the rap off, usually bowling over some extremely confident but heavily buzzed frat guy. Will it happen tonight?? Show up and fiiiiind out.

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