Musical Premise

We love modern music, including EDM, chill, hip hop, R&B, popular music; you know, the new groove. Today, an artist will write a killer hook, then package it up in 2 or 3 minute doses that are perfect for remixing in a club. These tunes can be addictive, often sticking in your head for days. But sometimes this “factory controlled environment” goes too far. When the definition of live music becomes “hey, let’s go watch some dude in black sunglasses string together a bunch of clips on a Mac”, something essential has been lost.   

Lestah Polyestah explodes the entire concept: A multi-decade funk - old school - groove experience, with real musicians, real drums, real horns, tons of special effects and a new twist on familiar tunes. We’re not afraid of a drum and rap breakdown, a 64-bar keyboard solo during some cheesy audience dancing contest, or a crazy, dissonant guitar solo that takes the evening to new heights. We celebrate the creativity of improvisation, each member’s unique musical voice, and the spontaneous moments that happen in a live performance. We’re not afraid of using the gogo bells, cowbell or police whistle to “explore the space, baby”; nor are we afraid of special effects, electronic sounds and the raw sound of the human voice. If all of this sounds good, you’ve got to pick up the phone and hire us. And if it doesn’t, you need to do it anyway, and just TRUST US on this.

Lestah Polyestah strives to give today’s audiences a taste of the old school while making something fresh and different happen onstage.


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