Where we play

Between Lestah Polyestah and Bling Cherry (predecessor band), we frequent some amazing bars and clubs throughout Northern New England and Boston / North Shore area. Some of our favorite places to play include:

  • Rira Portsmouth
  • The Brick House (Dover)
  • Fury’s Publick House (Dover)
  • The Matterhorn (Sunday River)
  • Captain Carlos (Gloucester)
  • Wild Willy’s Ale Room (Acton, Maine)
  • Rira, Burlington VT
  • Rira, Portland, Maine
  • Random private parties (Smittyfest Exeter, Chelsea’s Party in North Hampton)
  • Weddings (coast of Maine, White Mountains, Vermont, Portsmouth)
  • University of New Hampshire (various events)
  • Wherever else people want to tear it up

Want to add your bar or club to the list? Hit us up on the answering machine and we will SO totally make this happen. 



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