Who is lestah polyestah?

We really have no idea. Larz and Ponch used to have a 70's band back in Boston. One night the guitar player was sick, so the drummer called a sub. All we were told was, “This guy’s name is Lestah. He’s a killer musician. But be warned -- he has issues”.  Four hours later at the Cantab Lounge in Cambridge, some dude shows up looking like a 70's pimp: no rehearsal, no sound check, no apology. Wearing this swanky 70s outfit, poly slacks and a velvet hat and absolutely ZERO regard for what other people thought, the dude picked up the guitar with a whole bunch of effect pedals. Then, KAPOW – an explosion of funk, groove, blue notes, party intensity and crazy improvisation took over like you’ve never heard – sending chills down everyone’s spine. He made weird faces while playing, wincing with each hip riff, and provoked the audience with various antics and dance moves. He proceeded to drink about eight mudslides then start hollering at everyone – telling us we were "doing it wrong". Lestah would then jump on different instruments to demonstrate how funk was supposed to be played, and DAMN – he was right. He had no formal training; he just heard it, lived it and brought it. Finally, after three sets of chaos, tripping over a cord and almost destroying the sound board, Lestah ripped off one final solo then ran out of the club, never to be seen again. Even leaving his money behind, plus a few cords and picks.

So that’s Letsah Polyestah: The man, the enigma, the legend. We have no idea where he is or what became of him. But we’re pretty sure that, some night, somewhere, in some random club, that cat’s gonna show up again and bring it again with a multi-decade kaleidoscope of funk, groove and intensity. Until he does, we’ve stocked the band  with killer musicians at every instrument and our beautiful, talented lead vocalist, to capture the same magic. So enjoy the funk, cheesy outfits, and laughs as we take you on a dancing, multi-decade funk experience -- recapturing the essence of Lestah Polyestah with new memories that will last for years to come. 

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